Welcome to Midtown Nurse Midwives!

Midtown Nurse Midwives is a home-grown, woman-owned, small business. We are nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, lactation consultants and mothers. Our purpose is to fill the gap in care in our community. We created the region’s only breastfeeding medicine specialty clinic and provide women’s healthcare in an alternative setting.

What is a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)?

  • Nurse Midwives are Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, licensed by the Board of Registered Nurses.
  • Nurse Midwives prescribe medications and order labs.
  • Nurse Midwives provide primary care.
  • Nurse Midwives provide prenatal care, and deliver babies (or as we call it “catch” babies) in homes, birth centers and hospitals.
  • For more information about CNMs, click here.

The Nurse Midwives at MNM have:

  • extensive nursing backgrounds,
  • a┬áMaster’s degree in Nursing,
  • national board certifications in midwifery and women’s health
  • credentialing as International Board Certified Lactation Consultants