Lactation Room

Q: Do you do home birth?
A: Not at this time, unfortunately.  California is one of only nine states to require Physician supervision of Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners.  Home birth being explicitly excluded from Physicians’ malpractice coverage makes it impossible to “supervise” a Nurse Midwife doing home birth, therefore making it impossible for us unless we chose to work without supervision and without malpractice and liability insurance.  Working without this coverage would prevent us from being in-network with any health insurance plan as well as put us at personal and professional risk. The current law in California poses restraint of trade on Nurse Midwives and prevents women’s access to care.  Please support our bill AB2682, which will increase access to care by changing the language regarding Physician supervision.

Q: Are you opening a birth center?
A: YES WE ARE. Please contact Bethany directly for details if you have a due date in January of 2019 or later: nursebethany@yahoo.com

Q: Do you deliver in the hospital?
A:  In a landmark move to bring Nurse Midwife deliveries back to the hospitals in Sacramento County after a 30 year hiatus Camellia Women’s Health formed a collaborative MD/CNM practice with the help of our Nurse Midwives.  Together we delivered babies at Mercy San Juan Hospital. Yes, that’s right, Sacramento County had NO Nurse Midwives delivering in hospitals outside of the Kaiser system until 2017. We love our wonderful OB/GYN colleagues, please visit them at http://camelliawomenshealth.com

Q: Can I get a pap or yearly physical?
A: Yes! Call for an appointment: 916-936-2229

Q: My teenage daughter needs to get on birth control and I want her to have a good experience.
A: We can do that!  Seeing a Nurse Midwife is a wonderful way for an adolescent to have a good first experience.  Did you know that pap smears are unnecessary under the age of 21? Contact us to find out more.

Q: Can you prescribe drugs?
A: Yes!  Birth control, antibiotics, and Domperidone, among others.

Q: Do you take insurance?
A: Yes, we are contracted with Aetna, United, TriCare, HealthNet, Western Health Advantage, and CIGNA. We can bill Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans directly.  Unlike other independant providers in the area, our in-house billers will fight on your behalf to get your claim paid.  We also have reasonable self-pay rates.

Email us with any questions:schedule@sacramentomnm.com