Exam Room


  • For prenatal care and midwife-attended hospital birth you would establish yourself as patient at Camellia Women’s Health. You would be cared for in an MD/CNM collaborative practice environment.

Annual Physicals / Gynecology

  • We are gentle and respectful
  • We can prescribe birth control
  • Appointments are much longer
  • Adolescent health
  • Menopause
  • We can order mammograms, etc.
  • Blood tests are done right here, no need to go to a separate lab

Breastfeeding Problems

  • Midtown Lactation Consultants (MiLC) provides lactation consultation at our clinic or at your home
  • Mastitis and nipple infections – we can diagnose and treat infections like mastitis and thrush, including lab tests and prescribing medications, if needed
  • Tongue Tie – we are able to perform frenotomy (release tongue ties)