Birth Center

Nationally Accredited Freestanding Birth Center

Set in Midtown Sacramento, the Midtown Birth Center is a historic 1903 Victorian. It provides a home-like setting while maintaining an up-to-date birthing facility. Our facility is accredited by Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers.

Prenatal Care

Care by Nurse Midwives throughout pregnancy

We provide comprehensive prenatal care to healthy women having normal pregnancies, please see our risk criteria in FAQs for more information. Families receive care in a home-like environment where children and family members are welcome. We practice in an evidence based manner to maintain safety and include the family as an active participant in decisions about care. Standard screenings and testing are available, including labs and limited ultrasound.



Natural childbirth in a controlled environment

The birth center, on call midwife and nurse are available 24/7 for whenever your little one decides to make their appearance. Our midwives are trained to help support you through your labor and birth as well as recognize when complications arise. This makes freestanding birth centers a safe place to have your baby, as shown by many years of quality data (



It’s not just for mermaids

Each birth room has a spacious tub that you can use during your labor, birth or both. Hydrotherapy (warm water use) in labor has lots of research to show its safety and effectiveness. Birth in water is considered safe as well. Babies have a wonderful reflex that prevents them from breathing until their face comes into contact with the air. Tubs are spacious enough for partners, just bring a swimsuit!



It’s a gas

Our birth center offers Nitrous Oxide gas for labor and birth, and it can even be used for some procedures like blood draws or IUD placement if requested. Nitrous is safe for you and baby, with the effects of the gas going away after only a few breaths.

Postpartum Care

A mother is born

The birth center midwives and nurses provide ongoing support to families after their baby is born. We start preparing couples to become parents early in pregnancy. Our job doesn’t end once the baby is out, and your job is just starting. Families are discharged home 4-6 hours after the birth, once mother and baby are stable. You can sleep in your own bed and settle into your home with your new family!

Newborn Care

Yeah Baby

Your birth is attended by a Nurse Midwife and Registered Nurse who are both skilled in neonatal resuscitation in case of an emergency. Birth center nurses agree with the midwifery model and provide baby-friendly care. In addition to immediate care after birth, your midwife performs baby’s first physical exam and newborn screening tests. We register the birth and help you get your baby’s vital documents. You will choose a pediatrician that you trust.


Technology and Interventions

The birth center practices evidence-based care

Yes, we do use: blood tests, doppler, ultrasound, non-stress tests, antibiotics for GBS, nitrous oxide for pain relief, emergency and life-saving medications.

No, we don’t use: continuous fetal monitoring, epidurals, induction or augmentation of labor with medications including pitocin, cesarean surgery. If you need one of these things, the hospital becomes the best place for your care.

Families have the right to informed decision making and the right to accept or decline certain interventions. You will never be pressured. Select technology is necessary to assure the safety of out-of-hospital birth. This is discussed in detail during prenatal care.


For appointments or insurance questions:

Call 916-936-2229 Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm or email

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