Women’s Health

Wellness appointments are different here. Really different.

Ever feel just rushed at your annual exam? Not sure your provider really listens? Come to the Midtown Birth Center and experience personalized health care. We are gentle and respectful. Appointments are much longer. We talk to you with your clothes on. No paper gowns here, we have cozy blankets.

We can see women, both cisgender and trans, of all ages from adolescence through menopause. We do annual GYN exams, pap smears, STD testing, prescription birth control like the pill or the IUD, non-hormonal contraception like the Caya diaphram, and preconception counseling. Our nurse practitioners and nurse midwives can treat most minor GYN problems like yeast infections and UTIs. We can do blood draws in office and order mammograms or ultrasounds when needed.

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