Our lactation consultants and nurse practitioners can diagnose and treat breastfeeding complications.

Our mission at MiLC is to help parents build successful breastfeeding relationships with their babies. We offer prompt appointments to manage breastfeeding issues and treat medical complications associated with lactation. We are Registered Nurses (RN) and or International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). An IBCLC is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding.


Bethany C. Sasaki, NP, CNM, IBCLC

Founder & Director

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2000 with experience in pediatrics, emergency/trauma, women’s health and labor and delivery. In 2010 I opened a small lactation business to help fill the gap in care for mothers and babies in our community. My small business soon had to grow into a group practice to meet demand.  I returned to graduate school and became a Nurse Midwife and Nurse Practitioner when I identified the need to add primary healthcare elements to our practice like prescribing medications, diagnosing and treating postpartum depression and treating infant tongue tie.  In 2015 we opened the MiLC Clinic where I offer women’s health care in an alternative, woman-centered model.

My style is low-intervention, straight forward and thorough. I provide guidance but encourage women to make their own decisions. I am especially interested in treatment of breast pain and breast infections.  I have published research on breast infections and continue to gather data for future studies. I love running a small business and providing jobs for other moms in the community. I am so proud to have created this health care model. Thank you for supporting us!



Lisa Holland, RN, BSN, IBCLC

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1997. My experience includes inpatient, public health, and maternal child health nursing. I have been working with mothers and babies since becoming a mother in 2002. I live in Sacramento with my husband and 4 children, all breastfed. I was recruited for MiLC by Bethany in 2016 due to my experience as an RN with mother-baby dyads, she mentored me in the outpatient setting while I finished lactation education and became an IBCLC. Working with families and in this role has allowed me to empower women in a way that was not feasible in a hospital setting. My style is practical, lighthearted and non-judgemental, I will help you make a plan that works for your individual family situation.



Alisha E. Lee, RN, BSN, IBCLC

I received my Bachelors in the Science of Nursing from Montana State University in 2006. My nursing career began in the fast paced world of Trauma nursing, caring for people of all ages, lifestyles and situations. I became passionate about pregnancy, birth, babies and lactation through my own experience as I became a mother. The transition into motherhood is profound and one we all need support through, especially with caring for our infants and breastfeeding. I believe that breastfeeding and quality lactation care is key to improving health outcomes for mothers and babies. As an RN and IBCLC I am able to assess the breastfeeding dyad, identify any issues and implement appropriate education and care plans. I offer a warm smile, an understanding heart and a nature-knows-best approach to the mothers I serve. I believe in the innate ability of our bodies to grow and nourish our infants and that with support, guidance, practical advice and encouragement a mother can accomplish her breastfeeding goals.


Marie-Celine Farver.jpg

Marie-Celine Farver, RN, BSN, IBCLC

After obtaining her first degree in biology from UC Davis over 35 years ago, Marie-Celine then graduated from Sacramento State University Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. One year later, she started working with mothers and babies in the hospital setting, with experience in labor and delivery, postpartum, nursery special care, cesarean sections, and lactation. Adding certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant over ten years ago, she is well-acquainted with and qualified to deal with the vast array of breastfeeding issues and developmental stages of infants and mothers.

Marie-Celine has experience working with mothers and babies as a nurse and lactation consultant in both the home and hospital environments. She has published articles on birth, lactation care, and the effects of birthing practices and infant feeding on the development of the gut microbiome.

Birth and breastfeeding are built-in functions of our wonderfully designed bodies. With nurturing and guidance, mothers can work through breastfeeding issues and engage their babies’ in-born feeding behaviors. Becoming a mother is a pivotal and transforming time in our lives. She considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to share in this with you!



Eve Dunaway, MEd, IBCLC

Eve became a La Leche League Leader and breastfeeding educator in 1995 and has been a Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2005, working in Labor and Delivery, NICU, and outpatient private practice, Pediatrics and Obstetrics clinics. She is comfortable assisting you with everything from your preterm infant to your nursing toddler.

As a mother of four children, she knows breastfeeding can be a gift for both you and your child. She considers it an honor and a privilege to support and encourage you in your parenting journey.



Jessica Thomas, IBCLC

Jessica, IBCLC became a mother of a sweet boy in 2013. She was fortunate to be able to stay at home with him and pursue her passions. She is an experienced birth professional, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and has a degree in Psychology. She holds a passion for educating, inspiring, and supporting young children, and mothers alike. Jessica believes it truly takes a village. 

Having met Bethany, and being chosen to be her student in 2014 opened up a world of opportunity for Jessica. It has been an honor to learn from, and work next to such a phenomenal woman and practitioner. Jessica is grateful to see the MiLC clinic expand and for being able to continue to grow among such a fantastic team. 

Jessica understands that during this time you become superhuman with strength, as well as succumbed with vulnerability. She has found her passion in providing knowledge, and clinical support throughout your journey for you and your family. All families should feel welcomed and that there is an option for each of them. Jessica hopes to achieve this through her work at the MiLC clinic and to continue to change the way we take care of our birthing and postpartum women in America.



Agnieszka Grasela, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Agnieszka has been a registered nurse since 2008. The majority of her working experience has been in Women’s Health, Labor and Delivery and Postpartum Departments., and she has also worked as an interim IBCLC in a large local hospital. Her experience has provided her the expertise to work with preterm babies, as well as breastfeeding toddlers.

Recognizing that hospital support can be limited, Agnieszka’s goal for new mothers is for them to feel comfortable with their newborn babies and make a smooth transition from hospital to home life as early as possible.

Agnieszka is a mother of two daughters and a co-founder/member of Children’s Heart Foundation, California Chapter.